October Reading and Listening Challenge!

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If you prefer to pay by check, please make payable to Clifford PTO and mail to Clifford PTO 225 Clifford Avenue Redwood City, CA 94062 or drop in the Black PTO slot in the school office.

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In October the Clifford PTO is focusing on literacy with the Reading and Listening Challenge. Working in partnership with the Clifford Elementary Teaching Staff and Principal, students are encouraged to participate in daily literacy activities including reading books, comics, newspapers and online articles, and listening to music, podcasts or stories.  

This year we want to increase student participation. If 75% of the class participates, their teacher will do something fun/crazy. What does participation entail? We want your student to do a literacy activity 20 days out of 31 days. In addition, the student who raises the most money in the class for the fundraiser will get to do something special with his/her teacher. If a large number of students across all grades participate, then Principal Crane will also do something fun as well. Kids can participate whether or not they raise money, mainly we want them to try to focus on literacy activities during October.

Parents we need your help! We would love for kids to see parents and community members reading in class. Want to be a guest reader in the class? Talk to you teacher. Do you know someone in the community that would be great guest reader? Contact Sarah La Torra at sarahlatorra@yahoo.com and we will find a way for them to participate during the month of literacy. Finally, if you are someone who is happier working in the background, we could use your help on other tasks–send me a message and we will find a way for your to participate.

Thank you for supporting the literacy efforts of your students!

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