Staff Appreciation Week!

Thank you to all the parents and community members who helped make our Clifford teachers and staff feel loved! Our stars were showered with treats and gifts all week.

Special thank you to the PTO for organizing the Staff Appreciation Week by coordinating with classroom parents and making each day fun with gifts (including plants donated by Home Depot in San Carlos, cards from the kids, coffee bar, concession cart full of snacks, lunch, Jamba Juice, and more).

Teachers and Staff, thank you for helping our children bloom!


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Fun With Your Son Event!

Buy your tickets for FUN WITH YOUR SON at SportsHouse! Sons are welcome to bring their mom or adult of choice for a great night of sports. The event will take place on April 30th at 5:30-7:30 pm. Tickets are $15 per person. Read more below for details!

Purchase tickets online HERE (preferred) or write a check to CLIFFORD PTO and leave it in the metal box in the school office. Please put check in an envelope with the names of the participants and the grade(s) of the child(ren) on the front. Check are due NO LATER than Friday, April 29th at noon.


Purchase online tickets here:

Ticket Options
Adult’s Name
EACH Son(s) Name and Grade(s)

More Details

Pre-Game: Come to Kicks Sports Grill onsite and enjoy burgers, pizza, salads, hot dogs, and more prior to the event. We recommend dining an hour before the games begin. NO HOST.

Check In: 5:30-6:00 p.m.

Play: 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Check Out: Kids get a yummy treat as they head out

Moms and sons will be divided into groups based on grade level to play sports like soccer, capture the flag, kickball, basketball, and hockey. All will be guided by coaches. There will be six sports rotations and it includes a jumpy house. No sports knowledge is necessary. Just come prepared to have fun!

Questions: Contact Sajana at Sajana_Sagar[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Download the Waiver Form here: SportsHouse Waiver 2015.

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Lap-a-Thon 2016

The Annual Clifford Lap-a-Thon is fast approaching! Help us raise money for our PTO which is fully funding our K-5 PE teacher Mr.W and supporting our middle school program with teacher Lena. We extend our tremendous thanks to our sponsors Canyon Inn Restaurant and the Peninsula Community Center!

Read on for more information, including the day’s schedule and student prizes!

Sign up to volunteer at the Lap-a-thon!


Fun for the Clifford Community

Students, get ready to wear your sports gear, exercise clothes, or dress as your favorite athlete as you run laps to raise money for the school. If you run more laps than your teacher, Mr. Swerdlow or Mr. Noyes they will wear a funny headpiece at the start of the day Monday, April 25th!

Parents, come join your student if you can on Friday, April 22. Volunteer opportunities are available via Sign Up Genius or you can contact Kathryn Snow at or Melisse Long at

Help Raise Funds for Our School

Ask loved ones and friends to donate money for each lap your student runs or give a flat donation. Pledges are due one week after the lap-a-thon, on Thursday, April 28, in order to be counted toward the rewards. Pledges can be made in cash or check, turned in to your teacher or donated online here via PayPal . If pledges are turned in after the due date please turn them in to the black PTO box in the office.

Student’s Name (mandatory)

Hey Kids! Win Fun, Exciting Prizes

Earn extra recess time for the class at each grade level that earns the most money. A Jamba Juice party will be hosted for the highest earner from both K-5 and from middle school. The highest earner in the whole school wins a GoPro!

2016 Sports Day Lap-A-Thon Timeline

8:30 – 9:00am – 1st & 8th grade (Part 1)
9:10 – 9:40am – 1st & 8th grade (Part 2)
9:50 – 10:10am – Kindergarten / TK / Pre K
10:20 – 10:50 – 7th & 2nd Grade
11:00 – 11:30 –7th & 2nd Grade
11:40-12:10 – 6th Grade
12:20-12:50 – 3rd Grade
1:00-1:30 – 4th Grade
1:40-2:10 – 5th Grade

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Family Science Night & 5th Grade Science Fair


Please join us for Clifford’s 7th Annual Family Science Night on Thursday, April 14th from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. in the MUB. Come and see amazing 5th grade science projects! Experience hands-on science activities happening in grades TK through Middle School!

Everyone is welcome. Join us for an evening of science wonder!


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A Royal Affair: 2016 Daughters Dance

The 2016 Daughters Dance was a HUGE success! Despite the weather, dads, granddads, uncles and daughters came out in droves.

The Clifford MUB was transformed into an enchanted fairyland complete with a red carpet, mystical fog, and sparkling lights.

The girls enjoyed the art project, dancing, and hanging with their friends in the photo booths. The dads enjoyed waiting in line for the photo booth, wearing the newly made crowns, and eating pink cupcakes fit for a king! We even had a special guest appearance by our principal, Josh Swerdlow, and his daughter!

A tremendous THANK YOU to all who donated and volunteered to make this event so special!

IMG_4813 IMG_4815 IMG_4811 IMG_4832 IMG_4797 IMG_4808 IMG_4801

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NEW! Spring Enrichment Classes

Be sure to take a look at the complete Spring 2016 After-School Enrichment offerings at Clifford! We’ve got a great lineup of classes that make learning fun for our students; from Reading and Math to Art and Dance to Computer Programming and more.

Check out the video of dance instructor Danny G! We are fortunate to have such talented people teaching our kids.


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Art Show at Peets

On March 7, our young 2nd and 3rd grade artists got a chance to have their art featured at Peets on Laurel Street. It was a wonderful and fun evening for our school community to gather while taking in the art work from our students. The artists loved seeing their art work on display and LOVED their complimentary hot cocoa!

A huge thank you to the Laurel Street Peet’s for hosting us!

FullSizeRender IMG_7216 20160307_175040_resized IMG_7210

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Congrats to Clifford’s Future Chefs Competition Finalists!

On February 24, the RWC school district put on the “Future Chefs Healthy Breakfast Culinary Competition” at Hawes School. For more about the event, see the RCSD photos.

Congratulations to two of the finalists in the event, Natalie Donnelly and Mikaela Sargis! Thank you for representing Clifford; we are so proud of you!

Future ChefsFuture Chefs Finalists


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Save the date for the Clifford School Daughter’s Dance!

**To donate or volunteer to make this wonderful event a success, please go to the Signup Genius page!**

fatherdaughterdanceSAVE THE DATE!

The Clifford School Daughter’s Dance
“A Royal Affair”
March 11th, 2016
6:30-8:30pm in MUB

Grab your father or other grown-up of choice and come have a fun evening of dancing, hanging out with friends and capturing a night to remember.

Buy your tickets at the door!

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Art in Action: Top Tips for Clay Classes!

3rd Graders create their own clay shields, and decorate them with beads and feathers, inspired by Native American Art.

Here is a sampling of 3rd Grade artwork inspired by Native American traditions: The students use clay and glazes to create their own shields; then they decorate them with beads and feathers.


Thank you for leading a clay class, as part of Art in Action — or for helping out during a lesson! Clay is such a fun medium to work with; our students love it!

Scroll to the end of this post for some handy definitions.

And have fun!

Firstly, here are some lesson tips:

  • Clay fresh from the bag has been pre-wedged; all of the air bubbles have been removed. Since air bubbles in the clay can cause pieces to break when fired, encourage students not to overwork the clay, and keep this in mind when recycling extra scraps.
  • Try to keep finished pieces not more than about an inch thick. If too thick, the clay may not be able to dry completely and can break when fired. If a sculpture is thicker, you can carve out clay from the base or poke a hole to make it hollow.
  • Etch the students’ initials, name or student number on the bottom of each piece.

After your class with raw clay is complete:

  • DO NOT ALLOW CLAY TO GO DOWN THE DRAIN! Always have students rinse hands in a bucket of water, and dump the bucket outside.
  • Place finished pieces in cardboard flats–extras are available in the art closet–and label the flat with the teacher/grade and the date it was finished.
  • Place boxed pieces on the shelves in the back right of the art closet to dry. They will dry for 2-3 weeks before being bisque fired. When fired, they will be returned to the shelves (leave your name and # on the box if you want to be called when they’re done).
  • After the pieces are fired, if you want to add color, they can be painted with Tempera, then sprayed with a clear varnish, or glazed with the ceramic glaze. When painting with the ceramic glazes, 2-3 coats should be used for best color (the glaze dries very quickly and extra coats can be done immediately).
  • After glazing, the pieces will need to be fired again, so use the same boxes and labeling as described above, and put them back on the drying shelves to wait for the next firing.

Some definitions:

Kiln: The oven used to harden clay. When clay is “fired” in the kiln (typically at 1800-2500 degrees F), all the water is removed and the clay is chemically changed so that it is permanently hardened.

Slip: Clay mixed with a lot of water. Slip can be used as a glue to hold pieces together. First scratch or “score” the clay surfaces to be connected then apply slip like glue and make sure the pieces are well connected so they don’t fall apart as the clay shrinks in the kiln.

Wedging: This is a method of carefully kneading clay to remove any air bubbles . Air bubbles in the clay can cause pieces to explode in the kiln.

Bisque: This is the first firing. After a piece is bisque fired, it can be glazed, painted or left as is.

Glaze: This is like a “liquid glass” that is painted on bisque fired clay to add color and give the piece a smooth shiny finish. After glazing, pieces will require a second firing to finish.

–Rachel Winmill


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