Project Cornerstone is coming to Clifford!

Please consider becoming a Reader for Project Cornerstone at Clifford School! This is a new program for us but is already used at hundreds of schools and community partnerships in the Bay Area, empowering young people and the adults around them to make good choices especially by giving them strategies to handle social-emotion situations and relationship issues. I want this program for our children and all of us too!

Readers will be parents and community members who come into our classrooms each month to read children’s literature to our students and help run a pre-designed lesson on topics such as standing up for others, being a friend, resolving conflicts and understanding feelings.

For more information, please contact me and/or refer to In addition to all the information there, the < 5 minute video featured on that page nicely sums up the program.

To begin as a Reader, please attend the upcoming 2-hour mandatory training:

Asset Building Champions (ABC) 101

October 3, 6-8pm 

Room 26, Clifford School

This training will be led by Lori Maitski, the ABC Program Coordinator at YMCA Santa Clara.

Please confirm your attendance by emailing Shabnam Moon at shabnam.moon[at]gmail[dot]com and do spread the word for more volunteers to join us! Thank you so much.

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  1. Nancy Cherry says:

    Hello! Are grandparents allowed to volunteer? My in-laws might be interested if it is an option for them. They both used to be teachers.

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