Thanks for Attending the Meeting!

A big thank you to everyone who attended our last PTO meeting. As PTO co-president, I greatly appreciate the effort made by more than 60 parents to come out on a work/school night and take an interest in what is happening at Clifford. Some came alone, some came with spouses, and some came with kids. The room was filled with energy and enthusiasm.

I want to highlight two big changes that took place at this last meeting.  First, Stephanie Freumeni (a first grade parent) has volunteered to act as translator for the PTO meetings.  On her own time, she borrowed translation headsets from the district office. In real time, Stephanie translated the meeting and and Spanish-speaking parents were able to actively participate  by wearing the headsets and hearing what was being said.  This is an amazing step for our PTO that we are very proud of.  Second, Susan Dazols, our new hospitality chair, created a feeling of warmth and belonging as she welcomed parents into the MUB.  She also organized a Halloween themed food spread with yummy home baked desserts.   This also gave parents an opportunity to volunteer to make a plate of brownies or cookies and take an active role in the PTO.  We all appreciated the work.

If you missed the meeting, please check out the meeting minutes.  We’d love to see you at next month’s meeting on Thurs., Nov. 10, at 7pm in the MUB.  Our goal is communication, enthusiasm, and surprises…

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