The Clifford School PTO helps provide the children a rich and diverse learning experience.  We bring enrichment programs and bridge funding shortfalls for essential programs, when needed.

Detailed below are the major programs that the PTO sponsors through funding and/or volunteer efforts.

  • K-5 PE Program with Rhythm and Moves (100% Funding)
    The Clifford School PTO fully funds the P.E. program for grades K-5th.  Through our contract with Rhythm and Moves, a physical education provider, Kindergartners receive one 30-minute P.E. session a week and grades 1-5 receive two 30-minute sessions a week. To find out more about Rhythm and Moves, click here.
  • Marine Science Institute Program (100% Funding)
    The Clifford School PTO fully funds our K-5 Marine Science Institute enrichment program.  The program provides grade-specific learning that is tied to the standard curriculum and expands skills and/or knowledge in specific science subject areas. As of this writing, the program includes field trips for 3rd Graders and 5th Graders. And MSI “comes” to Clifford: The marine biologists arrive on campus with “touch” tanks, where students can look at, touch — and sometimes hold — different kinds of creatures, including sea stars, hermit crabs, and sea anemones.
  • Art in Action, 100% Funding
    The Clifford School PTO fully funds and operates the amazing Art in Action program for grades 1-5. Through this completely volunteer driven effort, this program provides an art curriculum that builds students’ understanding of art as well as art skills. Based on masterpieces by famous artists, the program lessons develop basic art skills, teach the vocabulary of art, and build an appreciation of art. Skills and concepts are introduced, reviewed, and mastered through a variety of techniques and activities. To find out more about Art in Action, click here.
  • School Assemblies
    The Clifford School PTO funds and coordinates a variety of assemblies each year to expose students to unique programs.  Some past assemblies include Shakespeare, percussion instruments, marine science, how to handle bullying, and many others.
  • Clifford School Directory
    At the beginning of each year, the information from each family is collected and compiled into a printed directory. Known as the Clifford “bible” to many parents, the Clifford directory is an indispensable tool for homework help, play dates and class projects.
  • Clifford School Sign
    The Clifford School e-sign in front of the school is not only a great source of information about announcements but an important fund-raising revenue source. All proceeds go to the PTO and hence to Clifford School. Learn how to post an announcement here.
  • Enrichment Classes
    The Clifford School PTO coordinates after-school enrichment programs to broaden and enrich the experiences of our children. Some of the current and past offerings have been instrumental music, drama, chorus, Spanish, chess and science.
  • Supplemental Classroom Resources
    Each year, the Clifford School PTO provides RAFT membership for teachers. In addition, the money collected by the PTO after the (yearly) Read-A-Thon fundraiser, goes to teachers for supplies.
  • Multicultural Day
    This spring event is one of our best community builders of the year.  To celebrate the diversity of cultures represented at Clifford, a school wide potluck is coordinated with each grade responsible for a different food item.  Hundreds of members of the Clifford community turn out to share in the great food and entertainment (see “dunk tank” video from 2010-11!) that this event provides.
  • Staff Appreciation Events
    To show the Clifford School staff just how much we appreciate their efforts and dedication to our children, we host numerous potluck or catered events throughout the year as a treat to the staff.
  • Crossing Guard Program
    The volunteer crossing guard program is essential to the safety of the children during the heavy traffic times during drop-off and pick-up.

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