Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone is committed to helping children feel valued, respected and known.  Its programs and services help individuals and communities build a web of support around young people so that they grow into healthy, caring, and responsible adults. To read more, visit their web site at

The Project Cornerstone program recruits trusted, caring adults to work directly with students in the classroom and role model inclusive behavior on the playground. Each school year, there is a Project Cornerstone theme. For the 2017-18 school year, the theme is Empathy: Cultivated In Your Heart.

In Kindergarten through 4th grade, classroom discussions and activities at Clifford School will enable students to practice and internalize these tools:

  • Build relationships by bucket filling, not dipping, and using a lid
  • Use friendship boosters to build respect and acceptance for others
  • Learn empathy by identifying, naming, and understanding feelings
  • Respect differences, accept others, and celebrate diversity
  • Follow sparks and set goals to achieve dreams
  • Get to know people before making judgments
  • Dare to try new things and discover interests