Clifford School Sign

The Clifford School Sign, which is in plain view from the school’s drop-off/pick-up area as well as all other arriving students, parents, and staff, is the perfect vehicle for:

  • Birthday Greetings
  • Congratulations
  • Offers and Announcements

…via text or graphics, on affordable and flexible terms. (See below.) Plus, all proceeds go straight to the Clifford School PTO for the funding of student activities and supplies.

Email for more information.


Ad Run Time Cost Impressions Cost per Impression
1 Day $5 77 $0.065
1 Week $25 529 $0.047
1 Month $75 2116 $0.035
1 Quarter $200 6348 $0.032
1 Year $550 25392 $0.022


Periods Impressions Frequency Duration
Drop-off/Pick-up 12 Every 5 Minutes 5 seconds
Remainder of School Day 34 Every 10 Minutes 10 seconds
Non-School Hours 31 Every 10 Minutes 10 seconds
1 Quarter 72 Every 10 Minutes 10 seconds


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