Hot Meal Program

December 2017 Hot Lunch Menu

Buon appetito!

In case you’re new to Clifford or haven’t checked things out before, hot lunches are available for purchase every day in the Multi-Use Building (MUB). If you want to have your kids eat lunch provided by the cafeteria, you need to prepay for your student’s food ahead of time.

Those mornings where you’re scrambling for lunch money are gone!

Your child can have lunch once a week, once a month, every day…..whatever you decide.

You can prepay in two ways:

  • Visit the school office where you can leave a check or cash in an envelope in the cafeteria lock-box. Make sure to include your child’s full name, room number, and teacher’s name with each payment. If writing a check, make it payable to “Child Nutrition Services.” If this amount is for more than one kid, indicate the same information for each child.
  • You can also set up a family account at for your child/children to share, and pay for meals using your credit card. You’ll need each child’s school ID to create your account; contact the office to obtain this number if you don’t have it. You can log on to to keep an eye on your dollar balance.

If you inadvertently let the balance drop to zero before you add funds, the school will notify you, and your child will receive a full lunch. However, if you don’t make a payment into the account after three lunches, the school can only provide “courtesy meals” of cereal and milk.

Discounted or free meals are also available for Clifford families who qualify. Please contact the school office for further details.


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    Please is it possible to put a link to the menu on this page?

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